Robert Toone, dedicated father and experienced developer of many games.

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Very Bunny Haha is the first game that Leilani and Robert have collaborated on.

A father working closely with his daughter is a dream come true and Leilani’s enthusiasm along with her fathers expertise can turn that dream into a the reality of a fun and compelling game.

Leilani is an avid learner and actress, having performed in many plays and musicals and is now in college learning American Sign language, to go along with her Spanish and Science education. One day she hopes to help animals by becoming a Vet. In the mean time she is busy as always sculpting and creating works of art in all sorts of mediums.

Robert has been creating games now for many years and has worked on more than 80 published games. Still as enthusiastic a game creator today as he was when he was 15 (yeah, he is now that old haha). He works professionally porting and enhancing Triple A games as a day job, and at night gets to work on his own titles. He is truly enjoying creating this game with his daughter and what they can create from their hearts.

Leilani Toone, wonderful heart with space for all. Creativity fills her body.

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